Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why do i get shy and blush?

Whenever i talk to someone new i always get shy and start mumbling especially with girls. Then i get embarrassed and blush and look like a right idiot.anything i can do?Why do i get shy and blush?
ok i used to be the same way but with guys. what ive learned is that i wasnt really comfortable with myself and was always thinking about what others thought about me and now ive learned that theres gonna be people who dont like you sometimes a lot of people but just talk to everyone and try to be more outgoing. thats what i did or just forget about what others think of you it doesnt matter and dont be worried about people that judge without knowing you they are just insecure with themselves so they judge to make themselves feel better. JUST BE UR SELF is my best advice and dont think about id they like u or not if u are urself i bet they will
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