Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is there such thing as sparkley blush?

well i know theres blush with sparkles in them, but is there just plain glitter ? i absolutely love glitter and i have some from claires i love to put on my cheeks but they apparently don't stay on, cause when i look in the mirror an hour later its gone. i dont want blush at all, just glitter/sparkles. but better quality than claries or icing, they dont really work.

thanks (:Is there such thing as sparkley blush?
MAC did a makeover for me and they used sparkles on my eyes. They have like these little pots filled with glitter in every color imaginable and it isnt blush or eyeshadow.. im pretty sure its just glitter and it stayed on til i took it off w/ removerIs there such thing as sparkley blush?
Yes of course there is!

Just look in a pharmacy and ask someon eshe will give you advice and i know that they is something like that because I cheer and at comps we always have stuff like that!
im sure you can find like body glitter and stuff at the drugstore :)

mine please!鈥?/a>
I think maybelling matte mouse blush is shiny sparkly.
You could try Sephora or Mac. I've seen glitter there before and I'm sure they have what you are looking for. Good luck!
im sure if u look at a department store they wold b sumthin...

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