Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I can wear blush but not eyeshadow?

I can't wear eyeshadow on my eyelids because it causes allergies and I have tried at least 5 different brands of eyeshadow, even hypoalergenic eyeshdaow and it still caused allergies. Then i tried blush... it didn't make my eyes all watery and puffy an I have no clue why?I can wear blush but not eyeshadow?
Stock up on pretty blushI can wear blush but not eyeshadow?
they're are certain ';colored'; blushes and if those seem to work better then use them and also some mascara to darken up or lighten ur eyes
well then just wear some mascara
Eyeshadow has a different chemical in it then what blush does. When you put blush on your eyelids, it will not cause any allergy reaction because it doesnt have that same chemical. I had this happen to me once before too and that is exactly what my doctor told me also.
you probably have very sensitive eyes
Bare Escentuals has eyeshadows that has no extra chemicals or filler that irritate the skin. The only thing that might cause problems for your skin is bismuth. If you are not allergic to it then bare escentuals is something you should try.

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