Thursday, December 3, 2009

What really makes you blush?

when i get frighten and if you see some guy you fancy and he comes to talk to you .What really makes you blush?
When I start to tell a story thinking nobody is going to listen to me anyways, and everyone in the room stops and starts listening.

When I'm being accused of doing something bad even when I didn't do it (I'm not the type to get into trouble)

When somebody asks me a question and I cant understand it and I feel bad asking them what they said over and over again and then I don't know what to do..What really makes you blush?
When my dad hears a song he likes on the radio in a shop, and he just GRABS me and does the waltz with me in front of everyone.
being told complements, and having those embarasing talk with your parents about the ';birds and the bees'; and getting older and the risks ;) very embarassing ha ha
Nothing among friends but I blush a bit (well I feel hot so I think I'm blushing) when anything is said a bit dirty in front of my mum.
A complement by an attractive younger lady.
Just thinking about extremely embarassing memories!
a professionally looking, very attractive woman who flirts aggressively
When you pulled my pants down in public , you naughty girl ..!!!
nothing really Wendy, to blush you have to care!

Being told compliments
when the devil asks me to do him a favor .
Some of the things my cousin says about me!
OMG when i see cute guys:)

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