Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is the best gel or liquid blush ?

Just wondering because the powder blushes never stay on my face :(What is the best gel or liquid blush ?
bonnebell blushing gel in rasberry. i dont know if you bonnebell in america but here in australia we do. i love this product! it really cheep to only about $6.00 in your money i thinkWhat is the best gel or liquid blush ?
do you use a cleanser, moisturizer and foundation underneath you blush? If not this may be the reason that the powder blush disappears. If you do use all of the above products you will want to make sure the products are all the same brand because products in one brand are formulated to work together and mixing and matching brands can cause issues with use.
Origin makes a really good gel blush. It comes in a tube in a variety of colors and blends onto the face really well. Also, Origins is a friendly brand that is mild on the skin. Good luck!
Cream blushes are generally best for those with normal or dry skin, as the emollient texture can be problematic for oily-skinned women. Gel or liquid blushes can work on normal to oily types; women with dry or mature skin should avoid these, however, as they tend to emphasize lines and flaky patches.

Clinique is good as well.
Tarte gel blushes are excellent. They last all day on me and create a beautiful, natural-looking flush.

I see a person here and there that doesn't like them, because they can be slightly sticky upon application. If you set them with powder, the stickiness goes away.
maybelline dream matte mousse blush they work really good.
orgins carry a blush tint - it stains the cheeks and lasts all day
Try anything by Clinique. If you go to their counter in any department store they will show you all of their color hues and even put it on for you! also the tips and tricks for makeup they give are great.

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