Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do you know where to put blush at?

Look at yourself in the mirror and smile. You will see the apples of your cheeks. Place it there and only there. You can lightly blend upwards. But a small amount on your apples will be perfect. How do you know where to put blush at?
Smile slightly. Big enough smile to see your front teeth, but not that big.

Just big enough.

Then the ';apples'; (kind of upper cheek,round area) brush some blush in that area. :)


Suck in your cheeks SLIGHTLY, as if you were breathing in really deeply.

Then stroke in an up and down position a few times. (In the suck in part of your cheeks)How do you know where to put blush at?

now put it at the apples of your cheek where it is big when you smile

you can also lightly put it on the cheek bone connected to the apple of your cheek...

when you are younger you can put lighter, peachier colors on more on your apples
Pucker your lips and then you can see indention's under your cheeks, that is were the blush goes.
Suck your cheeks in like a fish. Then feel where your cheek bones are. Then rub up and down with the blush! Be careful not to put to much on, but if you do just rub it a bit and make it lighter! Its better not to have to much on, just make it look natural!

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