Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to Conceal Natural Blush?

I have an awful quantity of natural blush along with very sun-tanned skin (in which confuses me quite a lot, since I rarely spend time in the sun and does not play any atheletic activity). Even though most people I know seem to desire my type of natural facial skin, I prefer the idea of blush-free pale skin much more and absolutely despise the pink-tinted colors on my cheeks. I'm utterly terrified of the color pink and it looks as if I am blushing 24/7.

I've tried to use pressed powder and fundations, but I like to use shades a little lighter than my skin tone since whenever I apply them all over it decreases the sun-tanned effect on my face. Thus the effect is a little unnatural.

Are there any suggestions on how I should cover up my natural blush?

(Note: I have very unsensitive skin, so special oil-free or non-allergic cosmetics are unrequired.)How to Conceal Natural Blush?
I have rosacea and here is how I cover the red:

After applying your moisturizer (always moisturize as it sets the foundation) use a yellow based concealer over the red and feather it around the edge. Then apply your foundation over that.

Use a liquid foundation followed by a neutral powder to get rid of that spooky unnatural look and give you a nice natural pale.

Good Luck!How to Conceal Natural Blush?
MicroSkin works well for me. A natural and beautiful product, although quite expensive. Google it. It was invented in QLD, Australia. Report Abuse

Sound like it might be a bit of roseaca. You might want to try mineral foundations. Bare Escentuals is mineral foundation is highly pigmented and not pink. You can find it on-line, at Sephora and QVC.
Use Maybelline Pure makeup. They have foundations in lighter skin tones that you might like. Also, they are liquid, easy to apply, and cover up everything underneath.
I have naturally rosy cheeks, also %26amp; do not neccesarily like it. I have used Clinique brand foundation %26amp; find that it covers it %26amp; looks really natural. I do not wear alot of makeup-but this is the one thing I swear by. You can find it in Macy's and department stores like it. They have alot of different kinds of foundations, but the one I use is called Superbalanced %26amp; sounds like it would work for you, too. It's for normal skin. About $18 a bottle %26amp; lasts 2 months at least.

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