Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can you wear blush by itself?

I don't wear foundation.

Can I just wear blush by itself?Can you wear blush by itself?
Absolutely, just blend wellCan you wear blush by itself?
Yes you can. I wear blush by itself all the time when I do my make-up. I make sure that I blend it in real well that way it looks natural. I also put it on twice that way if I missed some spots no one will notice. They also sell blush that is supposed to be good for your skin. I think it is mineral make-up.
Of course! Just don't over do it... you want it to look natural! :)

%26amp;hearts :)

sure you can but be sure not to put on to much and be careful what color you use because it can make you look either older or younger.good luck :D
Yes i think blushers looks better without foundation under it anyway x
Sure! But, I would always use a face primer, though. But its up to you, w/o face primer or w/ face primer [:
Sure. Why not? You are fortunate that you don't need foundation.

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