Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is a good blush for pale skin?

I have really pale skin, and I wanna know a good blush.

Colour and brand please :)What is a good blush for pale skin?
MAC Heatherette

I don't know how to spell it D:

But it's a really nice colour for pale skin :)What is a good blush for pale skin?

Intuitive Cheek Color With Goji Berry-C Complex鈩?鈥?/a>


it matches to your skin tone and is beautiful.

I was at sephora with my friend who has naturally very pale skin. Me, i have rosy cheeks which i hate! i wish i was naturally pale (i know weird, right?) So i found this and i amde her put it on and its amazing! it comes out clear and matches to your skin... it makes her look like a natural rosy glow! its amazing. She has dark brown hair and eyes, so she needed somthing simple and rosy looking. it lasted ALL day. I would totally reccomend this.

If you dont want to spend $25 dollers on this though, then go into sephora or Ulta or any makeup store near you and just try on blushes! you will find one that you like for sure.

I would reccomend using a cheek stain, tint or gel though, because they tend to last longer and look less cakey.

Hi--go with the undertone of your skin. If it's peachy or rose. And then chose a reallly light version of that.
Nars in Orgasm. Light peachy pink. Looks good on everyone. I am pale and have used it for years.
Omg best blush I ever used is Nars Orgasm!

Soo pretty and it can go good for any skin tone.

Good Luck! =)
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