Thursday, December 3, 2009

What type of brush should I use for mineral powder BLUSH?

I use Everyday Minerals but from their website I can't really tell what brush I'm suppose to use for applying my Blush! Please help! what size/ type of brush will I need?

please look at this and tell me which brush would be okay to use for applying blush. I already use the large kabuki for foundation, and I think it's too large to apply blush.鈥?/a>What type of brush should I use for mineral powder BLUSH?
Yes thats too large to apply blush, but if you dont have another brush you can just use one section, like less than half and just keep the blush only on that small area.... you will have to have the brush at an angle when you use it.

I didnt see a blush brush but this is what I would recommend鈥?/a>

It is slightly stiffer than a typical kabuki brush... its pretty small so you can put it exactly where you want it. Anyways mac brushes are expensive so if you buy them just buy them in a kit. I buy brushes also at the art supply store. Whatever I dont use for make-up i can use for painting, so if you look around there you might find something that may work

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