Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to STOP blushing? PLEase Help!?

Hey im 17 and i feel i always blush in certain situations which arnt even tht embaressing.

tonight i have my bfs work meal and i dont know n e one who is going.!!

im worried im going to blush when eating infront of his mates

are there n e tips u cn give me to help Prevent this !!!!


rosie x xHow to STOP blushing? PLEase Help!?
omg i have the same problem...i blush all the time....if u feel urself blushing take deep breaths. Use foundation and powder aswell as it can hide it slightly, or use concelear on ur face.

hope this helps xxHow to STOP blushing? PLEase Help!?
i blush too i hate it there is no way to stop it

try having a little bit more confidence in yourself and talking will help because if your blushing and keeping quiet it will be more embarrassing

try wearing a lot of foundation if this doesnt work
If you blush like every two minutes like,don't worry!

If you wear foundation the blush shining through will just look natural!

Be proud and Smile...:)

Good luck at the will be fine.

Blush is cute.
I can't tell you how not to blush, but you can try using liquid and powder foundation to help cover it (don't use blush). It doesn't cover it completely but it does help some.

Good luck!
you can't really stop it. it's just natural, embrace it; blushed cheeks are cute.
regulate your breathing, inhale for 8 seconds and exhale for 6. its subtle and it stops the bloodflow to your face, i hope this helps :)
it's cute when people blush.

some guys find it really cute.

why hide it?

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