Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do you blush when you remember something embarrassing?

I do...

I just blushed a while ago when i remembered something super embarrasing: I was at a school assembly last year and we had some students from england visiting.. and in the middle of the assembly with the whole school the director asks our visitors to stand up so everyone could see but my head was up in space as usual so i stood up by myself and the whole school laughed it was horrible.

so, how bout u (:Do you blush when you remember something embarrassing?
Yes all the time. Also, when something embarrassing happens on T.V. I change the channel.Do you blush when you remember something embarrassing?
I turn bright red whenever I see a really cute guy that I like. It's really childish but I honestly can't help it. It's like they smile at me and BAM! It doesn't help that I've got the whole Nicole Kidman whiteness going on either.
Apparently i blush out of the blue, for not reason at all.

Imagine how embarrassing that is :|

Totally sucks for me
when someone else reminds me of it.

like they ask me ';do you remeber when you blah blah ...';

yeah i blush.
Yes I do. I also blush when people give me compliments or are really nice to me.
haha yes i do all the time!

and wow that is humiliating =0

~chocolate lover
I don't blush.
Yesss.Alottt lol.
pftt i laugh it off like everythings alll good
ugh, yes.

trust me i have done much worse stuff
yes i know how it feelz like for u
ha ha. that's funny. i can definitely imagine myself doing something like that. i blush a lot. and yes, i do blush remembering something stupid i did. if it makes you feel better, i'll tell you two stupid things i did that embarrassed me.

5th Grade

I was in a chorus and we were gonna sing that song ';Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini';. we had this cardboard with a girl in a bikini drawn on it. no one would volunteer so i did. i was in 5th grade. so i got in the chorus class, expecting to start a new performance since we already practiced that one. well, no we didn't. she didn't mention the fact that we had to perform the thing in front of the whole school. well, i didn't even have time to chicken out, so i went out there on stage dancing around with cardboard and a yellow bikini drawn on it. everyone was laughing. it was so embarrassing. and honestly, i'm in 8th grade now and people still make fun of me about it, and bring it up. i hated that day.

6th Grade

I was sitting peacefully in science class when one of my friends passes me a note. she was in the desk right next to me, so i don't know why she didn't just tell me. there was a walkway between us though. just two feet. so anyway, i write back and throw it to her. this continues a bit longer uintil this one time the note hit this boy and fell right in front of my teacher. no joke. it really fell RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. AT HER FEET. so she picks it up and reads it to the class. we were talking about this boy we both liked. it was so embarrassing. we didn't use names so i was like 'well they won't know. a lot of people have four-letter names'. NOT. they were immediately like 'Oh, they're talking about Josh! You like him?!' it was so embarrassing. the worst part was...he was in the classroom. lucky me everyone dropped it the next day.

7th Grade

this one time i was trying to bother my friend Rachel. so i reached over to her desk and took her pencil. and her paper. and then whenever she took it back i'd take it again. then she got really aggrivated so i laughed at her. i stopped a little while and then i reached over and tried to grab her binder. well, my desk flipped over and it, along with all my stuff, fell ontop of me. the whole class burst out laughing. EMBARRASSING! i deserved that though. and no one has let this go YET.

As i was typing this, i realized that since 5th grade, something really embarrassing has happened to me every school year. i can't wait to see what it is this year! not really! =)

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