Thursday, December 3, 2009

Need makeup for people who blush alot?

i get really red when i am embarassed or i speak in front of people i do not know, so i just wanted to get some makeup tips/products/brands that would help cover that up, at least a little. Need makeup for people who blush alot?
usually if you can find a coverstick with a green colour to it put it on let it settle then apply tour foundation over it it will reduce the redness another good product is dermablend it hides everything it does contain beeswax so it stay to the skin and is water proof but it covers so much from scars burns vitalago and roseca its a great product.

so for my typos to in a rush

xNeed makeup for people who blush alot?
I'm the same, I have really rosy cheeks naturally. I just use a little bit of concealer on my cheeks. Then I just use my foundation overtop - It works for me.=]
use green primer/ colour corrector on your cheek before applying foundation. I know Australis and Rimmel have it.
umm u could put powder bronzer on
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