Thursday, December 3, 2009

Whats the cure for excessive facial blushing?

Seriously, I don't even know you, but I read your other question and I just need assertion that you are not going to commit suicide. There is no reason for you, no matter how bad life may seem. Talk to someone you know about how you feel. I mean if an hour ago you were talking about facial blushing, what could possibly lead to suicide. PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINK OF THE PEOPLE YOU WOULD HURT IF YOU GO THROUGH WITH IT!!!! THINK ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO CONTACT YOU THROUGH YAHOO TO GET YOU TO REALIZE THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. IT MAY SEEM LIKE IT, BUT IF A COMPLETE STRANGER WHO PROBABLY LIVES MILLIONS OF MILES AWAY CARES ENOUGH TO TRY AND GET YOU TO STOP, THERE HAS TO BE A REASON NOT TO. PLEASE PICK A RESPONSE AND COMMENT THAT YOU AREN'T GOING TO GO THROUGH WITH IT!Whats the cure for excessive facial blushing?
Hi there!

This isn't a cure, but it's the biggest miracle I've ever found. MicroSkin. Google it.

I have tried ETS, meds and psych things. Nothing worked. MicroSkin is a 'cover up' and has boosted my confidence up extremely. It looks gorgeous on. Report Abuse
Whats the cure for excessive facial blushing?
Good circulation. Be glad and not so pale like me.
are you sure you dont have rosacea?
Quit doing things you're embarrassed of.
Having no morals nor any shame.
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