Thursday, December 3, 2009

What does it mean when he blushes?

My friend told this guy that I liked him (which is true but I didn't tell her to) and she said that he blushed A LOT!

What does it mean?What does it mean when he blushes?
It means that he is shy or embarrased. He is flattered that you like him but doesn't neccessarily mean he likes you back (although more than likely he does).What does it mean when he blushes?
Blushing causes the face and neck to redden and become warm. It occurs when the capillaries, the tiny blood vessels in the skin, suddenly swell with blood. Vasodilator nerves in the capillaries cause blood vessels to expand and fill with blood. Blushing results from stimulation of these nerves, which may be stimulated by anxiousness, cold temperatures, increased physical activity, or nervousness. Vasoconstrictor nerves cause the blood vessels to contract, and produce pale skin when stimulated by warmth, nervousness, or illness.

I hope this helps
he's embarrased!

he probably likes you!

please answer mine!;鈥?/a>
oh my that means that he was embaressed when he was asked this question......It caught him by surprize
I agree with stephanie...

He could have just been embarrassed.

But I think most likely he likes you. But everyone acts different so.. if your interested just ask him.
He is probably very angry at the thought of you so the blood rushes into his head making him blush.
It means he's flattered, but it doesn't necessarily mean he likes you.
He likes you as well - plain and simple. Explore if interested. Best of luck.
That means he likes you back. He is flattered that you like him.
means that he likes u 2 or he is shy or GAY
hi i never seen boys or men blush but make sure if ur friend is telling the truth then i think he likes u but he might be shy type,
it most likely means he likes you!!! be happy about it lol =)
I feel like that one could go either way... he might like you or he might not. I wouldn't assume anything just yet!
that he likes you too

Answer my question
lol he likes u duh!!! lol n he probably shy

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