Thursday, December 10, 2009

Does blushing mean she is intereasted in me?

I was talking to a girl I really like one day, she is gorgeous and I was staring, you know. I suddenly said that her breasts were so beautiful. She must have at least a D cup. she blushed crimson like she was embarrassed. I try to call her but I hope she isnt shy around me now.Does blushing mean she is intereasted in me?
I'm sure she is aware of her breast size.

Would you blush if I said your sack looks fantastic? Or would you run like hell?

I think you embarrassed her more than anything. Grow a pair and show some respect.Does blushing mean she is intereasted in me?
Um, no. She most likely blushed because you called attention to something she is probably very self-conscious about. Unless it's some Playboy bunny you are talking to, women generally don't like when men stare at our chests, no matter what cup size we have, let alone comment about them. It would be like a girl striking up a conversation with you and the entire time staring at your crotch, then commenting on the bulge in your pants (or the lack of a bulge). It's a very inappropriate thing to do and say, especially if you like her. When a guy does that to me, it makes me think he is interested in only one thing, and therefore not worth the time to get to know, unless I want him for only that same reason. So if she wasn't interested in you before, she most definitely isn't now. Probably thinks your a pig and will most likely avoid you as much as possible. She'll probably be polite to you when she sees you, but interactions between the two of you won't last very long.

Sorry to say this, but by commenting on her chest, unless you come up with some way of gaining her interest or letting her know that you are not a pig, you obliterated your chances before you even started.
Unfortunately you may have embarrassed her so that she will definitely be shy around you. That comment is too personal unless you know her really well. It's probably best just to back off a bit and maybe apologize in a sincere way via text or email.
My face would turn red too if someone humiliated me like that! The only man I would want complimenting me on my breasts would be the man who I invited in my bed, not someone casually mentioning it in public. Yuck!!
Staring at her breast and then making comments about them when she was just trying to have a conversation with you probably made her feel very uncomfortable. Don't be surprised if she tries to avoid you now...
When someone says something about my boobs I'm either flattered, embarrassed or angry, all 3 can make me turn red.

Only you can tell which she was ^5
She blushed because you humiliated her by saying something so intimate. Duh. Next time don't be crude.
I think you just have a way with women, this girl was most certainly impressed by you.
She was probably embarrassed. She most likely thinks your a whore and will avoid you now.
umm no. shes blushing because shes embarrased.

dont say that to a girl.
She could be incontinent
lookin for a harassment charge are ya ?
Yes, she is likely interested.

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