Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is maybelline matte mouse blush good?

and which is more blue based? pink frosting or whipped strawberries ?Is maybelline matte mouse blush good?
lol they don't sell maybelline at sephoras. i hated the application of the blush and it comes off soooo easy!! pink frosting is too shimmery, go with whipped strawberries.

but then you could always use it as a highlight. but i think that peach satin looks good on most people if you're looking for a nutural flush.Is maybelline matte mouse blush good?
whipped strawberries has a little more blue....

but I love the matte blush...

as for the other girls comment...its Sephora..not safora...and why spend the extra dollars...they sell it at target
don't listen to maddy. she's never been to SEPHORA a day in her life. first, she dosen't know how to spell it. second, they don't sell maybelline matte mousse blush at sephora.

as for the blush, i think it's fine if you use a little bit, but too much makes you break out, atleast for me anyway.
hey girlfriend,

It is totally good i even had to go to Safora today to buy some more because i ran out. HAHAHA... isn't that funny. If you are really into makeup and you haven't gone to Safora that store is a Total most!!!!
whipped strawberries

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