Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is there anything to make me stop blushing?!?

I know some people think it's really cute. But, i'm in the eighth grade, and when i blush people say OMG your face is soo red! And they laugh at me, but then my face turns even worse! So is there any type of make up or anything i can use to make it stop?Is there anything to make me stop blushing?!?
just put on some blush and if people say that just say oh no its my blush but don't put on too much cuz then it looks horrible

and if people laugh at u laugh with them or just walk away hope that helpsIs there anything to make me stop blushing?!?
Honey, I'm going to be in the tenth grade and it still happens to me.

It doesn't matter how old you are.

It'll go away once your out of puberty probably.
well just try to stay calm and as long as its not a full faced flush, then you could wear blush on your cheeks to make it seem like your not blushing and your just wearing makeup. :)
I always used to blush. When I was out by myself, I'd blush because I would think people were looking at me. Every single day I blushed and I had a naxiety that trailed along with it. I stopped by developing strategies, like looking into the persons eyes, naming every color i saw, think about nice things, etc. you just have to stop thinking about it, because I dont know about all of you, but me, I blush over the fear of blushing. Nothing specific happens, I just have a fear that I may do it, so it becomes a phobia. It wasn't easy at all and it takes time. You just have to be comfotable with yourself

I ahve also noticed that I naturally blush when laughing or at random moments. And I am fine with that, its my skin pigmintation. I just don't like the heat flashes that come along with it and the panic.
think of something else
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