Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do i choose a blush?

i want it to look 100% natural...i just want to add a little color to my cheeks...what brand should i use and how do i choose the color?How do i choose a blush?
Go to a makeup counter at a department store. Most brands will give you a free makeover! You can tell them you want to look 100% natural and are looking for blush.How do i choose a blush?
Pinch your cheeks and whatever color they turn buy a blush n that color.. itll look natural
Bronzing Beads are the best for looking natural...don't get the cheap kind'll look like a clown!
go to the MAC counter. i buy all my makeup there and it is FABULOUS. the blush is really lightweight and it doesn't look fake. just sweep a little on your cheekbones and you should be good to go
I like the creamy blushs better than the powder ones, they look more natural.
Pinch your cheeks and match the color to a blush. Which ever one matches the natural color of your cheeks will look good. Try using cream blushes- they're easier to blend, look more natural, and don't come off as easily as powder blush. If you wear powder or foundation, try putting the blush on before you put foundation on for a natural, rosy-cheeked glow.
Go to the following website and do a virtual makeover. Pick the skin tone closes to yours, and you get to choose different shades that will match your skin tone.

Free Shipping anywhere in the US
choose a color a little darker than the color of ur face then it will look natural
If you're light to medium skinned, use a soft peach blush. Look in the mirror and smile, the part of your cheeks that looks roundish on the sides are the ';apple'; part of your cheeks. Apply it gently to the apples of your cheeks with the brush it comes with. Apply very little at first and add more if it looks too light.

Practice beforehand so when you go out, you don't look like Raggedy Ann!

Put it on in a well-lit room so it will look as natural as possible.

If you're trying to match your clothes to your makeup, buy light pink, a mauve, and a soft peach so you'll have all the colors.

I prefer the Clinique line because it's less powdery and doesn't blow around and get into my eyes and nose as much as, say, Cover Girl does.

But it's kind of expensive for someone just starting to wear makeup. Try Almay or Revlon at first. They're cheaper. : )

Good luck!
Check out my website at and try out the vritual makeover section
use roxy blush..its a stick so its kinda creamy and the creamy ones are the most natural in my opinion..just go to the mall and ask the make ladies to help you out with the color and dont let them sell you any just wanna know that color and then go get sum roxy blush..k good luck
toss the dice
go to the store and get a few shades that you think will match you, then find a mirror in the store and pinch your cheeks until they are red. put each blush beside your face and check it out in the mirror, and buy the one that most closely resembles your red pinched cheeks.
Pinch your cheeks and see what color they turn. =P
You just answered your own question. According to your natural coloring.
you should go to ';Mac'; they would do your make up to make you look beautiful in a natural way.
well if u have medium skin tone i was something like berry sorbet just sweep blush on cheek bones towards hairline
Try the True Match blush by Loreal. Just go to Wal-Mart or something and answer the little question thingys that help you decide what shade is best for you... They ask a question like ';Do you think you look better with silver or gold jewelry?'; It's cool and it really works. I love it!
i suggest loreal they have a wide variety of shades... and there is always a chart there that tells you what shades go well with your skin color... take the lightest one from that category always looks natural
blushes aren't hard to blend just chose the one opposite to your skin color
first of all if u need to put make up on u are prolly ugly
it doesnt really matter what colorand brand but it helps the animals if you buy products not tested on animals
choose a brand that u r 100% sure off. because i like this and u like that. and for choosing color choose the best color that suits u when u r really embarssed and u r blushing.
I personally love bronzer!!! Bronzer also looks good on any skin tone. You can put as little or as much as you want on your cheeks (depending on the look your going for) and also apply it to the rest of your face and it looks natural.

I have a virtual makeover on my website where you can choose a model based on your skin tone and then play with the different blushes or bronzer.

I hope this helps and please feel free to ask me any more questions about skin care and makeup.
Anywhere that sells blush should have a laminated sheet of different colors of blush and you take the sheet and put it up to the underside of your fore-arm and whichever color matches your skin is the one that you want.
use l'oreal they have great beauty products buy a tan color or a skin tone color they will look natraul and pretty or u can use a light pink color thats suits ur skin tone or u can pinch ur cheeks a lil bit and u will get natrual pink cheeks and they will so natrual

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