Thursday, December 10, 2009

How can i control my blushing?

i'm really tired of my face turning red every time i get a little embarrassed..even if it's just joking around :p

%26amp; everyone can see it!! grr it's annoying@!!

is there any way to control it?

what causes it anyway?How can i control my blushing?
Try to prevent blushing in the first place. Find out when you blush. Is it when you're angry, or when you're embarrased? Is it when you look at or think of a certain someone? Is it when you're put in the spotlight? Don't necessarily try to avoid whatever makes you blush, but realize that there is no reason to blush when it comes along.

Snap out of it. When you do blush, you can quickly fade it out by relaxing your muscles (particularly in your shoulders and neck) and thinking of something else. A smile is also a great way to fade a blush, and it will look more natural as our cheeks naturally redden when we smile.

Stop caring. Most people either find blushing to be cute or don't notice it at all. And if you stop caring about your random red times, you'll have less of them. Basically, being less tense creates less signs of tension. If you learn to be more relaxed and care less what people think of your blushing, you won't worry about it anyway, and so there will be much less reason to blush. Besides, it's probably much less noticeable than you think!

Hide it! If you can't get your blush to fade, or you know you're going to blush soon, try to cover it up. If your hair is long, put it around your face. Rest your head in your hands if you're at a table. Adjust your position so you're facing more away from everyone. Even looking through papers, searching through a purse, anything to turn your face away is a good way to hide your facial flushing. Try to hide it with little effort, since if you move a lot more people will notice your facial flush!


Breathe deeply. It helps prevent and disperse blushing.

You can practice fading blushes in the mirror, if you can get yourself to blush.

Blushing shouldn't be too much of a problem provided you keep a serious face if you're angry or a big smile any other time.

Commenting on your blushing is an easy way to stop caring about it.

Get an older friend of the opposite sex to say things that make you blush until you can deal.

If all else fails, forget everything else and remember some people think blushing is cute. Even the most masculine men go weak at the knees when they see a girl blush. It's an asset not a flaw!

Try to make yourself blush--it's impossible to force a blush and you actually stop blushing!


Trying to hide your blushing too much will only make it worse.How can i control my blushing?
omgshes the same thing happens to me all the time!!!
honestly i dont think you should try to hide it. it's something that everyone does some just not as visible as others. its natural and beautiful and you should just accept yourself for who u r. some people instead of blushing there arm pits or palms sweat or have nervous little things they do so it is a natural thing
Blushing is actually really cute--- boy or girl!

Could you help me??? I put my question in the wrong section!鈥?/a>

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