Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is it ';girly'; for a guy to put powder blushes on?

Can you give an explanation?Is it ';girly'; for a guy to put powder blushes on?

i've know and have known a few guys that use it, and even mascara but they aren't girly or gay. there is nothing wrong with guys using make up, they get parts of themselves they want to make look better just like girls doIs it ';girly'; for a guy to put powder blushes on?
make up is for girls,though I guess I would accept it if a guy had to put powder blush on in order to cover a nasty scar or a temporary bruise let's say when going out with a girl.
no i dont think so

if your insecure then maybe you could try a really light tone of pink then work your way to the warmer tones of pink :)
no. not at all. you should just use foundation so that it looks unnoticeable. blushes is just too much for a guy.
nOt really.

i've had a guy friend use it for purposes such as .:: acne, scars, zit, ecetera!
yes! makeup is for girls!
unless youre brad pitt or zac efron, yes, thats border line gay

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