Thursday, December 3, 2009

How can i stop myself blushing?

When I'm embarrassed i can feel myself going really red... how can i stop this happening so much?!How can i stop myself blushing?
wear cover up..

or just try and feel more comfortable when your talking ..

try each time to become less embarresed %26amp; say ';its not really that big of a deal'; before you go speak infront of everyone ..say it in your head over and over

Whenever you find yourself blushing, look down and hide your face real quick before anyone notices

and take deep breaths until you feel calm but it should help a little, I guess.How can i stop myself blushing?
Basically you can't really stop yourself from blushing if you are prone to it BUT you can cover it up by using No. 7 Colour Corrective . Its green but doesnt go on green on your skin and makes your colouring less apparent to others. It is good.
You can't stop blushing all together but when you think you are blushing just think of something relaxing. Also Collection2000's face power is great to put over rosey cheeks and it's cheap!

Hope i've helped x
i do sometimes as well, theres nothing really you can do except try not to think about you blushing because this will make you go redder
you cant, its natural

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