Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do I stop blushing?

Whenever i laugh my face gets REALLY red. and if someone asks me a question i blush. is this normal? whats wrong with me??? anddd !!! i ned info. on braces. im getting them soon.How do I stop blushing?
Well, for the laughing, don't laugh as hard...your face turns red because there is blood rushing to your face, for the question thing, be more confident, usually blushing is because your embarrassed or uncomfortable answering a question...just chill out and relax, there is nothing to worry about when you answer questionsHow do I stop blushing?
Yes, it's normal. That's just the way you are. Try not laughing as much. Also, maybe start wearing a light layer of blush slightly lighter than you skin tone to maybe kinda shade the red of your face in when you laugh.
When they ask the embarassing question, try thinking of a non embarassing topic.
this is very normal and super cute especially if you have really pale skin...about the braces ...i know nothing about them lol..

but you can do a little research on google
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