Thursday, December 3, 2009

What can i do to stop myself from blushing too easily?

i blush too much, it's kinda embaressing :(What can i do to stop myself from blushing too easily?
I dont think there is really anything you can do about that. I mean blushing is a part of you. It makes you who you are. Some ppl dont blush but some do. You cant really help that. I mean the only thing I can tell you on stopping it is dont be so flattered or embaressed.What can i do to stop myself from blushing too easily?
Do away with being sensitive.
the only thing i can think that you do not want to Anallise yourself to want to relax within and keep your thoughts on something else.just remember that you are a good soul and a fighting spirit full of life.i am sure your blushing will lessen in time.try not to worry about it.
Peaches what I am going to tell you, you will not believe until you are my age.. but that is a wonderful part of being young... ah to be able to blush! Men find this most delightful and women my age are hard pressed to even try to blush....Age is the only thing that will make you stop blushing...when you have lived life and had experences that no longer shock you.... embrace your blushing and remember you will miss it when it is gone... I promise
omg I'm worse my nickname might as well be

Mrs tomato head LOL

it really doesn't help that I'm shy and if anyone looks at me i turn bright red,i use No7 colour calming (make-up base)it calms and neutralises rosy skin tones i bought it from boots (uk) this is what it looks like


good luck

%26lt;3 sarah x
My sis had same prob and she is 35,she had hypnotherapy ok its not for everyone,but she gained the tecniques needed to realize when it was going to happen and then to stop it from happening.She doesnt suffer any longer and according to hypnotherapist it is very commen but very treatable
act mean
Blushing can be embarrassing but most people find it cute and attractive. To help prevent it I suggest to take care of your skin by washing it regularly and wearing sunscreen whenever you might be in the sun. Also makeup helps cover it. Confidence is an issue as well. Just be sure of yourself.
You can't stop yourself from blushing. BUT you probably can prevent yourself from feeling embarrassed or timid with other people. You may be a shy person and just try to get over that and overcome it.
aw i know how you feel i blush really easily too. There really isn't very much you can do. Just try to ignore it and if your in a situation where you think you will blush don't think about it! the more you think you are going to blush the more likely you will
wear a bit of foundation on ur cheeks and it wont show through that much that wat i do anyway
Well i use to get that and really nothing helped so i just got used to the situations before they happen so i expect like if some1 asked me somthing personal i will know from the signs he/she shows

just be yourself !

ps: i use to put a lil make up on it kind of helped
I suggest you paint your face red.

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