Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is there any treatment for blushing?

i blush a lot even when im not embarrassed!

it just happens.

im a male nd it looks bad when i do blush. i would love for a pill to take that would work

does anyone know of something that would help?Is there any treatment for blushing?
Dont let it bother you. Its just something that makes you you and you shouldnt want to get rid of it. I dont think there is a pill or anything that would fix that problem anyways. And who knows.. some people might think its hott!Is there any treatment for blushing?
Here are some basics that may help:

Limit drinking of alcohol because it has a natural blushing effect.

Maintain your body temperature by dressing warm in the winter and to stay cooler in the summer.

Keep your temper under control as emotional ups and downs can effect you.

Avoid spicy foods as they too may cause a natural blushing effect.

Also, I came across this guy who put together a 1.5 hour long audio book that talks about EXACTLY how he was able to stop his excessive blushing and get his life back without medication, creams, hypnosis or surgery. See the source reference below:
wear stuff that doesnt make you over headed
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