Thursday, December 10, 2009

What is the last thing to make you blush?

besides your makeup.What is the last thing to make you blush?
Umm, Probably my boyfriend calling me gorgeous this morning when we woke up. He just kind of stared into my eyes and said ';You really are gorgeous, ya know.'; and I blushed so much. I usually hate compliments and deny that anything about me is even 'ok'. It made me feel really good though. :)What is the last thing to make you blush?
Well my ex-boyfriend texted me random and said that he always thought about me before he goes to bed (we've been broken up for three years) I asked a guy friend if I should be flattered of creeped out. He said well I think every guy does and if they say they don't their lying. That made me blush a little.
my boyfriend sent flowers to where i work. 12 roses.

it wasn't much but it took me by surprise and made me happy and embarrassed a bit too bc i had to walk back into work with the flowers HAHA.

my face matched the color of the roses.
i was told i was sexy.

I`m Shameless.
My stupid stomach was growling so loud today during this test and people heard it lol
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