Thursday, December 3, 2009

What was the last thing to make you blush ?

A couple of weeks ago when I hooked my arm through a woman's in the high street thinking it was my girlfriends.What was the last thing to make you blush ?
I dont blush. Teheehehehee. I had a contact say something sweet to me.What was the last thing to make you blush ?
i was hanging out with my friend, her husband, and his friend.

his friend told me i was the prettiest girl he's ever seen today.

i was touched.

Pictures of my crush %26amp; thinking about him all the time makes me calm.....^.^
A few high school girls yesterday when i was going past they were jst havin the craic but jeezz...
When somebody suggested I might be a little bit naughty.
job interview when asked about my invoicing and i mention it was for condoms

ohh i got the job
i really dont remember the last time i blushed!!! but i usally do when i am infront of a huge crowd!
when i had to take Viagra.
looking into his eyes !!
My teacher.
a girl who sounded like she wanted to give me a b job...

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