Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What kind of blush lasts for about 8 hours? ?

8 hours.. because that's the time I'm at school for. My current blush fades away quite fast. I even tried using like those blush-sticks first and then using the blush powder over it. It didn't really work either. So what's something that lasts for a long time.. and isn't too expensive? What kind of blush lasts for about 8 hours? ?
Anything by Smashbox and Bobbi BrownWhat kind of blush lasts for about 8 hours? ?
I like the blush by Kimora Lee Simmons' makeup line. I got mine at TJ Maxx for 3 dollars a few months ago but the retail price is 14. What I really like about this blush is that it gives pretty color but it also has a little sparkle in it so in the sun your cheek looks rosy and a little sparkly too. Its really pretty and lasts all from morning to night for me. I really like it. They might have it at Ulta or another makeup store like the ones at the mall. You should give it a try, it lasts a long time so its well worth the price.

'Hope this helps!!
Blush stain. It works great!鈥?/a>

This stuff will save your life.
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