Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anyone have a problem with blushing?

I have a problem with blushing, has any one ever used the medicine eradicane?

it is supposed to control your blushing. Thanks

Just for kicks, Do girls really think its cute?Anyone have a problem with blushing?
soooo sooooo cute. dont change it.Anyone have a problem with blushing?
i didnt know there was medicine for blushing hahah

but GOD YES i have a huge problem with it. someone can walk up to me, even my closest friends and just say hi and i start blushing immediately.

there is one guy in my class. and his face turns red when he gets called on in class. or he is lying, or he is laughing.

its really cute
as i was reading this i was thinking ';that's so cute'; and then i read your last sentence. so yes, it is cute.
Lol yes its very cute. It shows your just as nervous as them. =)
I think it's cute (;

Can't help with the medicine though, sorry.
no no no medicine

i love it when guys blush!!!

makes me want to jump them lol
it is cute....
aw i love when guys blush... makes me feel special ;)

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