Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ay tips on how to stop blushing so much?

Hello...ok so its kinda a crazy question but whatever here goes.... Im a very outgoing girl and will basically talk to anyone but sometimes when people ask me certain questions I get all red and cant stop blushing. I dont know why it is but I get so red that I start to sweat LOL....anyway does anyone have any tips for kinda avoiding that? Thank for all your help.Ay tips on how to stop blushing so much?
Blushing is a kind of innocence and people like that. It sounds like you are a caring, feeling person. Keep that sense about you there are not alot of girls out there like that anymore.Ay tips on how to stop blushing so much?
get a horriable sunburn that turns your face bright red, then noone will know if you are blushing or not.
OK well 4 starters don't picture people in their underwear that can backfire you should try to relax more make yourself look silly in the mirror or something and don't be embarrassed about it so if u ever fell like your about to blush picture yourself doing something silly that will bring a smile to your face and when they ask why your smiling say its cause you pleased to meet them or something like that but that works for me if it doesn't work for you then i guess you could wear some foundation it doesn't just hide blemishes trust me....
why should you not blush, it makes you more pretty
I know this sounds crazy, but if you actually try to blush, it works the other way and you don't!

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