Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tanned Skin, Pink Blushes,,,What about the lips?

so Basically i have mastered on how to create a sunkiseed, summery make up.

But i don't know what to do with the lips.

I prefer frosted pink lips to go with it since I am half Asian, I never look good with nude lips.

Some Advices pleaaase?

Tanned Skin, Pink Blushes,,,What about the lips?
I'm full Asian so I can feel er.. half your pain? LOL.

Anyone can pull off a nude lip. They actually very in right now.

Maybe it's because you haven't found your holy grail nude lipstick/lip gloss yet. Mines would have to be MAC Fleshpot from the Heatherette collection (limited-edition) or MAC Myth and Cherish (both part of the permanent collection). Whatever nude lippie you find, you should pair it with a shimmery bronzy colored lip gloss. It's VERY natural and it won't make people gawk at you (in a bad way haha). Trust me, that natural lip will match with anything you wear!

However, for the summer, I felt that coral pink lips are also very in. A pink that isn't too pink or the same color as bubblegum will work fine with your summery look as well. I will suggest MAC Fast Thrill and Lightly Ripe (both limited-edition so get 'em ASAP) as gorgeous pinks but not over the top. Very natural as well.

Hope you find the perfect lipstick color for you! Fall's just around the corner and the makeup trend this year is the dark and vampy look for the lips. A classic red will just do =)Tanned Skin, Pink Blushes,,,What about the lips?
try a light tanish-pink gloss.I got mine at if you go there type in stacy wilde (at the bottom) she can ship you the stuff you want quick and cheep........ it isn't sticky and it makes your lips really soft and repairs them, plus it's really pretty.
Sunkissed look should always follow with sweet pink lips too. and gloss. Definitely gloss! I'm Asian and can never figure out a gd lip colour so i use tinted lip colour with gloss.

Works like a dream. ;) Go easy on the shimmery gloss thou.
Don't use anything too shiny it tend to look like you're working too hard, I would go with some simple glossy lip color from Sephora.
Get Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit spritzers they're not sticky at alll

How about like kind of a peachy colored lip gloss??? I like the pink!!
this girl helps me ALOT!!

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