Thursday, December 3, 2009

What never fails to bring a blush to your cheeks?

besides a good spanking?...xxxWhat never fails to bring a blush to your cheeks?
Some rouge applied to my cheekbones and then I like to use some black eyeliner so my eyes pop. A little red lipstick doesn't hurt either.

.....uh, em, I'm answering for a friend.What never fails to bring a blush to your cheeks?
When you slap the sh!t out of my face for showing up three hours late with lipstick on my collar and some other contacts perfume and I try to tell you it was an accident and I didn't love her, I only Screwed her, but with you I make love.
A big breasted woman mashing her melons into my face always seems to make me blush a little mostly from a lack of air otherwise I'm in heaven.
seeing you around here sweety.....
Spankings are hard to beat here but when someone devours my pie my cheeks get a rosy glow every time.
sitting on a stove OR somebody complimenting me.
role play when the moment comes to cross a threshold.....
The right kind of compliment from a gentleman!!!!
hi me you
When someone compliments about my looks.
unexpected compliments
When I get compliments from strangers.
being complimented by a pretty lady
when i think abut you my slave beauty have you on three 60 and your very beautiful babe
Sex talk..,.
sassy's answer made me blush and caused a stir in my pants
passing gas
when I'm not wearing underwear and some one in the store let's me know when my zipper is down
That's pretty much it.
those emails! *wink*
The right woman like you babe. :) Oh wait.... which cheeks? :)
oh man that was my answer....well lets seea good BJ...

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