Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to stop blushing?

I always blush , ill do it without even realizing , if the temp is just a little off in school , I blush , if I feel just a tiny bit annoyed or nervous I blush

I have tried breathing techniques , they dont freakin work

I guess Ill just have to get a deep tan in the Summer lol

And suggestions for now tho?How to stop blushing?
maybe you have Rosacea

it's a chronic skin condition involving persistent facial flushing that can resemble a sunburn. In more serious stages, rosacea can evolve into serious eruptions with papules, pustules and cysts. Rosacea is a skin condition that must be diagnosed by a dermatologist.How to stop blushing?
It's ok if you blush. Some people even think it's cute. =] But, if it's really bugging you, then maybe try going to see a dermatologist. Or if you can't see one right away, then put foundation and powder on. Or if you already do, put an extra layer on.
well not much you can do about the blushing, but I know Clinique has a Redness Solutions line that has creams and powders to tone down redness. i haven't tried it yet, though
i think blushing is the cutest thing ever!

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