Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flush POll: What was the last thing to make you blush?

me running into the door in front of a guy i was so badFlush POll: What was the last thing to make you blush?
When my boyfriend of quite some time told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and that I was the most important person in his life :) That made me blush, but it was definitely in a good way.Flush POll: What was the last thing to make you blush?
Siesta Key beach last summer. A heavy set older lady had her top buckle break and her top dropped and, welp, lets just say SAGGY. I don't care how old I get to be, you just can't erase that from memory.
my boyfriend told me something really sweet,,lol i forgot what it was tho

My friends were teasing me about this guy that likes me whom I don't like back, and bothered me with jokes and annoying statements about him despite that knowledge.
my mom told my dad that me and her were going to get a bra today and i was in the car. and it was so embarrassing!!!!
when i went to the mall with my of those make up girls kept telling me I had beautiful eyes...while she was putting make up on me....for some reason I blushed....she and my cousin had a good laugh about that ....
I dont think i embarrass too easily. Not sure what was the last thing to make me blush was hon.
I'm not sure I do blush. Want to try and see if I blush ???
Someone across the street blew a kiss at me.

He was kinda cute, so I blushed, haha.

I'm a dorky :)
when i put on my makeup thats blush lol
when i was called a cute girl by my bf's grandpa
A certain lad I know. Hahaa :)
my boyfriend =)
i cant blush.. too tan ahha
when my neighbor caught me burying that hitchhiker last week, boy did i feel silly.....haha
A girl!!
a compliment, i hate when that happens lol
Squeezing out my last dump.
a guy
Shall I dare say? Hahahha.....
A super cute boy at school I %26lt;3 L
i tooted in church

stay classy
my mirror LOL
this girl told me she really like my dimples !
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