Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Does bare minerals cover up blushing?

Does it because i blushsoo much and its soo annoying my face turns beat red! will it reduce the redness or cover it up. If it doesnt what makeup will?Does bare minerals cover up blushing?
paint ur face like the joker. i can never tell what hes thinking. LOL. well in terms to your question, it will reduce it but idk if it will take the whole redness away, but then again i, as a boy, have never put on makeup. =] hope this helpsDoes bare minerals cover up blushing?
nope sorry but there is no make up that will do that, bare minerals covers up any redness on the skin but when u blush it's the blood rushing to ur face from the inside so it's gonna show no matter what! lol u shouldnt even care it's cute it makes u ';you'; =)
probably a little, but if you blush like that then no.
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