Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can/do you use blush and bronzer?

I was just wondering, cause I wasn't sure if you can wear both at the same timeCan/do you use blush and bronzer?
Yes of course you can, using both make your skin look tanned and also give a rosy glow to the cheeks!

Make sure to use both moderately though, as using too much will make you look orange.Can/do you use blush and bronzer?
i guess you could if you apply it very lightly. but i wouldn't recommend it. i think it's better to do blush or bronzer. you don't want to look like youre wearing too much makeup.
Well you dont want your face to look orange and you dont want to make it look fake. So, i suggest not using both. They both work really well though, but i prefer blush.
If you want to use both on one face, you have to carefully choose the blush color, or you will look like a clown.
of course u can. i mix the two together with my blush brush, it looks great! bronzed with a dash of rosey cheeks!!

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