Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's the best way to apply cream blush?

Apply with clean finger tips from about mid-ear towards the apple of the cheek. You want the product on the lower half of the apple, and you can blend up, this will give contour and color. I've found that product applied directly on the apple looks ';cartoonish';.

If you prefer a brush, MAC cosmetics has duo fibre brush numbers 188 %26amp; 189 that work well for applying cream blush. Look at them on

Just a tip: Apply cream blush on bare skin or over foundation BEFORE you set with your powder. It gives the skin a ';glowing from within'; look, and the most natural one in my opinion.

Good luck!What's the best way to apply cream blush?
Be careful!! A little goes a long way. Cream blush really you need just a tiny bit.What's the best way to apply cream blush?
use a cosmetic pad.
Apply a dab on fingertip, then rub on cheekbone or on apple of cheeks depending on where you want it
with your finger, dap a little then blend. If you put on too much just powder your face to soften. Just make sure your hands are clean before applying.
Your actually suppost to use a brush :) I just can't find my links right now since my IE won't open and i'm using firefox. But there's something about fingertips and it won't apply evenly everywhere, and the same with the pad. The brush is suppost to evenly get it out the best way. M-A-C is known for the best brushes like said above, but you can easily get cheaper ones at a store like Ulta if you have one in your area.

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