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What type of colors in make up go with an indian skin color? like wat color lipsticks and shadows and blushes?

like wat color lipsticks and shadows and blushes?cause i wanna start using make up.What type of colors in make up go with an indian skin color? like wat color lipsticks and shadows and blushes?
Ok sweety since you probably have dark skin tones. You need light makeup. Somethin natural. Stay away from lipsticks, use nude lipgloss like maybeliine Juicy in Peachy Shimmer or Revlon all day wear in Crystal Clear, they're really cheap and work like a charm.

For your eyes, use blk eye liner and blackest black masacar to make them stand out. I dont think you should use foundation or face makeup just yet, because your a begginer and your just starting to wear makeup.

Umm if you want your cheeckbones to stand out, use a light peachy shimmer blush from revlon or clinique. They'll work great on your skin tone. Im puertorican and Im kinda tan complected and so thats why Im recommending these products. Also if you wanna add a lil more touch to your eyes, dust a sweep of golden bronze eye shadow to your lids to brighten up your face. And you'll look glamourus

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now plzz choose me as best answer =)What type of colors in make up go with an indian skin color? like wat color lipsticks and shadows and blushes?
Lipstick brown, eyeshadow light blue, blushes light brown combination with creamy color. Wow nice.
youll find some great tips for makeup and skincare on this site
the best eye shadow would be golden, followed by lavender, baby blue, mascara of course, and black eyeliner. lipgloss shouldn't be too light, nor too dark...somehting natural, and shiny.
For everyday: dark mascara, a beige eyeshadow with a few gold flecks, some coverup maybe, and a natural lip color.

For glam/night out: dark mascara, dark liner for top and outer corner of lower lashes, a bit of highlighter against the browline, any sheer powder foundation, and a deep lipstick with clear shine over it.
check out because there are some great tips and you can do virtual make overs you can even upload your own pic and do the makeovers
lipsticks light brown or mocca, shadows chessnut or dark brown, bluses chessnut
I think light and slightly sparkly colored eye shadows (preferbly gold or silver) will suit Indian skin color perfectly, I like how those things draw attention to one's eyes... Dark colors doesn't really go well together with Indian skin color. Oh and a little mascara...

I think Indian skin doesn't need blushes ^^ just a real good foundation that's the same color as one's skin color will do, you know just to even out your skin tone...

As for lipstick... I think you should use a really mild and light pink lipstick, just dab a few on ur lips and smudge, trust me dark and bright colored lipsticks doesn't really look too good... Oh and it would be nice to put lip gloss over it a bit...
dark browns I am black but I have skin and thay
if you go to your local department store, most beauty counters do makeovers for free. have one done, and ask which colors that you should use. try to stay natural to start.
I disagree with the light makeup thing.

Deep jewel tone colors like emeralds, burgandy, sapphire colors and gold colors are the best.

Light makeup will make your skin look gray or ';ashy.';

Deep colors will enhance your natural color better.

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