Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How can I stop blushing?

Any creams to cover up? Any natural herbs to help with the anxiety?How can I stop blushing?
a class of meds known as beta blockers, talk to you doctorHow can I stop blushing?
depends.. what makes you blush? If it's like embarresment, or a crush, don't worry, it's only natural..why would u wanna cover up anyway?
just take deep breaths

and keep cool


it'z the best way.

If you blush, then so who cares sometimes girls like men blushing they think itz cute
You cannot 'fight' is a natural response. However if you wanted to tackle this head-on one way to do this is to act outrageously for a while.....put up with the blushing....then when you go back to your normal self what you do will seem tame and will not cause you to blush!!

For instance at a party when you would be fading into the background make a decision to tell a rude joke as if you were a total extrovert. Say bold things to the person you are interested if you have a really thick skin. Be brave and stretch your limits like you never thought possible...then when you go back into your skin, life will seem tame (no need for blushing any more).
If your blushing cause your embarrassed about something you've done imagine you haven't done it, and when the people are embarrassing you making you blush, just try not think anything about them and see them as people acting weird (if that makes sense)
Just go with it. If you blush, you blush. Some people just do, sometimes for no apparent reason.

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