Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blushing, Red Face - HELP, what can I do?

In the last couple of years I have noticed my face has a tendancy to get red of small things. Since I noticed this it has gotten worse - I think about it too much! At my old job I had finally gotten it under control, I'm not sure how but it just stopped happening. Now, I have a new job. Someone pointed out my face gets red really easy, especially when I get upset, etc. Hey, my face is blushing right now just by thinking about it! And no one is in the room with me?

Anyone have any suggestions to help me? It is very embarassing and seems to just be getting worse. ARGG!Blushing, Red Face - HELP, what can I do?
baby u just need to more confident about your self , and if you still blush , it's okay cuz i luv the lady who blush i think she is so sensitive and kind ,i just love it in women

BTW i think some women put some red on their cheeks as a makeup that's cuz they can't blush normally like you :)Blushing, Red Face - HELP, what can I do?
did u ever figure it out? i have the same problem Report Abuse

I suggest you see a dermatologist - it might be a condition known as rosacea.
You have a condition called Rosacea. You need to see a doctor, not necessarily a dermatologist. The doctor will probably prescribe metrogel and doxycycline. You need to get it under control because it can progress to rhinophyma (a bulbous W. C. Field's nose).

You need to be very careful in how you take care of your skin. AM - rinse with lukewarm water, no scrubbing. Use a nonoily SPF 30 or greater everyday (Neutrogena makes a Drytouch SPF30). At night, use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (Wal-Mart has the Equate brand of it) or other gentle cleanser. Never use soap on your face. Use a light moisturizer if needed (such as Lubriderm which is water-based). Stay away from overly hot or cold drinks, spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeine. Keep water at your desk and sip often.
First, make sure you do not have hypertension (high blood pressure).

If it is emotional stress, then you could work on that with therapy. If therapy doesn't work, a low dose Prozac might.

Some doctors recommend a surgical cure, if nothing else works.

Here is a site about the surgery: Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy ( ETS )
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