Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Who was the last person to make you blush?

I can't say the name but it's one of my contacts ;)Who was the last person to make you blush?
I was at the market and suddenly there was a man holding a product and while he's looking at the product he shouted : excuse me can i ask you something ?

so i came next to him and looked at the product and said : yeah what ?

he looked and jumped back and said : no no no .. i was calling the market dude

and the dude was standing right behind me

i felt that my whole blood went up to my face and we couldn't stop laughingWho was the last person to make you blush?
hahahaha ummm one of my guy friends recommending my novel to one of his friends *Blush* i have great friends
my friend, i think we are still friends, i have sent her 2 cards i just hope see got them, as they were meant in friendship only.
Some guy who said I was attractive inadvertently.

I bet Trolley is a white girl, he he.
I'm well beyond that stage in my life. Little I've seen or anyone has said to me that would cause me to blush.
Michael Jackson who I saw in London announcing his future concerts. sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sexay.

Weeks later, he was dead... and I was like DAMMIT !!!!! %26gt;:\
one of my children made me blush when she told one of her friends mummy says she doesnt like you very much....ouchhhhhhhhhh....out of the mouth of babes as they say....
white girls

they are so amazingly beautiful
This girl i saw on the bus was flirting outrageously with me and i couldn't help it. I dont normally get all shy like that. My eyes were watering as well how weird is that!!!
Can't remember.
The Mystery Team
she also gushed.
This super cute girl, she so innocent and cuddly
I Dont Blush Easily.....
that is a hard thing to do....but actually it was some kid that just started randomly texting me
To be honest it`s so long ago I cant rightly remember
My girlfriend haha
*blushes again and looks at floor*
My boyfriend
One of my male contacts on here last night. he made me blush so badly I almost combusted!!

It was wonderful!! he knows who he is!! Oh ****!! He has just answered this question!!
Awwww there I go again venus!
the love of my life (:
An awesome guy (who sadly has a girlfriend)
yo mama
my boyfriend
My friend Brett
you but in a horny way when i think of how good you would taste
2 years ago when my joke hit a jackpot!
a cute girl baby

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