Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What colour blush will suit me?

I can not find a good blush that compliments my skin tone!

My skin is milk chocolate brown, and I have dark brown eyes.

Thanks...!!!What colour blush will suit me?
You should really really go to Macy's makeup counter. There they have professionals who will match you up perfectly with blush.What colour blush will suit me?
wow, you sound like you have gorgeous skin. id go for a peach or a pink cream blush (cream will be more radiant than powder and will show up better on darker skin).

but man im jealous.

like the previous girl said, you should go to a makeup consultant. go to mac, they have an awesome array of blushes. good luck.
dont put to much, but a small amount of lighter pink. But you have to blend it in just perfect so it doesn't look like you overdid it.
Get a bronze powder for your blush, it's BEAUTIFUL on chocolate skin! I recommended it to my friend before she moved away and she has chocolate skin and that's all she uses for blush now. But really anything darker and brown-ish looks really pretty!
Actually, you don't need to tells us this-just look at your inner lip and find lipsticks and blushes that match that tone if you're looking for something more natural! It's the best and cheapest way to figure it out :)
The brighter ones
Take the advice of the first answer and go to a makeup counter. Their people will help you choose the best color for your skin tone without you buying first.
You should check out my website for a virtual makeover. You can see a model with your skin color and eye color and click and choose what colors you want to appear on that model. Then if you like them you can buy them. Not the model of course.. haha. I sell Mary Kay Cosmetics and would love for you to check out my site. Hope you find what you are looking for! Have a wonderful day. P.S. Shipping is FREE!!

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