Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is it normal to blush ALL the time?

It seems like every time someone points something out about me or even just calls my name from across the room my face turns REAAAAALLY red...does that happen to anyone else or is it just me?Is it normal to blush ALL the time?
Don't worry. That used to happen to me. I'm assuming you're in high school or middle school. I grew out of it around when I was 17 years old. It's a self-esteem thing. I used to think that every time I was noticed, someone would notice something bad about me or make fun of me. I was the smartest kid in class in school, but for a couple of years, I wouldn't answer questions in class because I knew my face would turn red. The thing that got me through it was that every time I thought someone was noticing something bad about me (usually looks), I just remembered that nobody notices all of the things that I notice about myself. Think about it: people look at themselves in the mirror quite a bit, especially women who wear makeup, as I do. But when other people look at you, it's usually only for a few seconds. They're not going to notice that much.

And my face wasn't the only thing that got red.. my back and my scalp also turned red, which embarrassed me even more. Once i had to leave the room because someone said ';Your face is turning red.'; The whole class got in trouble for acting the way they did about it. But don't worry; you will get through it. It just takes a while.Is it normal to blush ALL the time?
it doesnt happen to me

and it wouldnt be normal to me

but it would be normal to you

like it would be normal for me not to wear pink

but it could be normal for you to wear pink

everyone is diffrent and there is no real normal

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