Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Does anyone else blush for no reason?

Ugh, I do. %26gt;.%26lt; Every time I do an oral presentation or something. I don't know why, my friends say I sound pretty confident, but I still turn

red. Lol. Anyone else? Advice?

%26gt;%26gt; Poll: Do you have good posture?

I do, if I find myself slouching a little, I always straighten my back,

and I sit/stand straight always when I'm not correcting myself. =]

Is that weird?Does anyone else blush for no reason?
I blush so easily!

I've done it since I was little. I remember in preschool someone asked me why I wore so much blush. I was four at the time.

Whenever I have to present something, I get bright red. I get red even if I'm not doing a presentation. But, I'm rather pale, so I think that has something to do with it.

I don't have great posture, but it's not horrible either. I try to sit up straight while on the computer, but it doesn't always happen. It's not weird at all that you correct yourself. It's a good thing!Does anyone else blush for no reason?
I use to blush sometimes I may still blush when I get up in front of people, you can still sound confident and look confident and still blush it may go away with time. For the most part my did, but sometimes when I use to give presentations I would feel my cheeks getting red...
I go red really easily - people say why are you getting embaressed when im not!!!

It just happens

Pretty annoying though i know

And the more im like omg im going red the more red i go

Iv learnt to just take deep breathes and the redness goes away

Yeah, I turn red just looking in the mirror.

And yes, I have excellent posture. When I was pregnant, all of my friends were surprised that I could stand up so straight.
omg mine does that for NO reason all the freakin time..and its not like i'm nervous all the time or anything it just randomly pops up. :/ grr

and hah no. i try to correct it but...i forget.

Nope, even if I feel my face getting hot it doesn't show.

Poll: yes, my mom always used to tell me to sit up and stand up straight when I was younger, paid off in the end.
Yeah! Everytime I have a presentation I turn red! It's so embarrassing. I think it's because I'm so worried about not turning red, that I get even more red. I also turn red when I laugh sometimes.
I actually don't blush that much ^.^ But in different circumstances, l definately do. Act confident! And be proud
Naa, I hardly ever blush unless i'm really embarrassed.

I think I have an ok posture =D
yeah it happens. and the more u think about it the redder you become, just take deep breaths and the color will go away :)

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