Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can i use a blush brush to apply powder make up?

will it give me less coverage than a powder brush cause i have a face that DOSE NOT NEED TOO MUCH COVERAGE THANK GOD. wondering cause i have 2 blush brushes. oh and they are from cinique are the hairs from the bushes synthetic that will scratch my face? thank youCan i use a blush brush to apply powder make up?
No, a smaller brush will concentrate the make up more and you'll end up with more on your face. I would still use a big make up brush because you'll be able to blend the powder more throughly, and you won't end up with cakey make up. Make sure you clean your brushes once a week too. Can i use a blush brush to apply powder make up?
Actually using a blush brush might apply it a bit heavier. If you go for a bigger brush, it'll actually give you a sheerer application. Try a kabuki brush or a buffer brush. Good luck!
You can use whatever you want, it wont make a difference. I use different brushes every day, whatever I grab, but brushes shouldn't scratch your face unless you are using a brillo pad :)
I use a blush brush and it works very well. I think it will work just fine and it won't scratch your face either, otherwise it would scratch your face when you put blush on.
Just use anything, as long as its not lyk, been down the loo or anyfink :P *it's not v. hygeinic XD trust me, it doesnt matter!

Hope I Helped XD

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You can use a blush brush to apply powder :)

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