Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why i did i blush when a girl asked me if i had a tampon?

why on earth did i blush? i've never seen this girl before but she works at the same place i do. it's not like i don't have my period. i'm 16 btw.Why i did i blush when a girl asked me if i had a tampon?
Probably cause you were caught off guard if you are again just simply say yes or no and be prepared to be asked that!Why i did i blush when a girl asked me if i had a tampon?
I have never blushed, but when people do blush it's out of either uncomfortableness or because they're ashamed.

Even if you are comfortable about periods and tampons, your brain could react differently because you're at work(periods aren't why your there)

The brain reacts different ways to different people. And it's perfectly normal.
Hm, maybe it was just because maybe you havent been asked this question before? I know when you think about it, everyone has their period, but it is a personal question in the end, and sometimes it may seem awkward for someone to ask you that. ;) Keep that in mind.

Sorry about the crummy answer- nobody's ever asked me before, but I can feel how personal that must have been.
haha...nothing to worry about ive done that before its cuz usually gurls dnt talk about that stuff in public you no so wen a girl asks you its kinda shocking in a way so ur sorta embarrassed lol it happenes to everyone and next time u wont be as shcked to here that
It's just a taboo topic- do you go up to your mates and say ';I used four tampons today!'; It's just embaressing like that!
Simply cause you were embarrassed! and she's inconsiderate for just blurting it out the way she did. lol I hope she wasn't loud about it!!
because its not like you have had ur period for 10-15 yrs. ur only 16. and you dont know this girl and a period can be personal.
periods are just super awkward. I still feel embarrassed buying the things even with a girl cashier
i still get a little embarassed about that stuff.

not a big deal.
its a different subject and ur prob not used to it

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