Thursday, June 24, 2010

When your girlfriend says you made her blush, what do you say?

';that is what i live for, to make you happy and feel special';When your girlfriend says you made her blush, what do you say?
You say, ';learn to take a compliment!'; No, just joking, just tell her it's true, whatever it was you said to make her blush. You could also say that if that makes her blush then you probably shouldn't tell her all of the other wonderful things you think about her. That will score you some points!When your girlfriend says you made her blush, what do you say?
My boyfriend makes me blush all the time ( i think he likes when he makes me blush) it also depends on what you embarrassed her about and if shes mad. If shes laughing about it you laugh about it. Tell her u think shes cute when she blushes or u like when u make her blush lol.
Tell her something cheesy to continue the lovey Dovey moment.
Tell her she is adorable when she blushes, then make her blush again!
';you look beautiful'; or just smile and kiss her. Then you dont have to talk.
Kiss her on the cheek.
hug her or kiss her softly on the cheek but ';say'; i would be like wanna go out? lolz
Tell her she looks pretty in pink.
';Anything to make you feel special'; Say that!!!
nothing. kiss her.
i dont know....laugh and then change the subject....QUICKLY
Nothing... you just smile and enjoy that moment together.
I would say thank you.

It's kinda random and would throw her off. lol
You'd say that was your intent
';I hope to do so more often';
Shut up B!tch!
you'd say , '; you're welcome '; !!
idk.. blush about what? something you have done?
tell her dont be shy
say sorry but you dont need to be shy
you say ';that's great, now bend down';
thats cool
just smilee.....and then kiss her..i guess.

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