Thursday, June 24, 2010

How do I stop blushing?

Ok, I have a group presentation coming up and I know that I'm going to blush.

If I don't blush, I feel like I could do so much better. Blushing makes me less confident and I feel like everyone is going to think I'm a freak.

Is there anything I can put on my face so it hides the blushing or any techniques to stop blushing?

I hate blushing! I even sweat when I blush too.How do I stop blushing?
i think you answered your own questions there. i experience the same issues with over-reddening during inopportune moments, but like you find that the times i blush most are when i'm not confident or unsure of my words.

there is nothing physically you can do to stop your blushing, but what you can do is stand tall and be confident in yourself and what you are presenting. don't focus on the eyes watching you or worry about what people are thinking. focus on your presentation, speaking loud and clear, and breathe.How do I stop blushing?
i dont think that you can stop blushing
You probably can not. Enjoy it (yourself).
I dunno but let me know when you find out how
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