Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What color eye shadow/liner/blush go well w/dark green eyes, olive skin, and black hair (with red highlights)?

Help please!!! I'm finding it so hard to match the right eye shadow and liner with my eye and skin color.What color eye shadow/liner/blush go well w/dark green eyes, olive skin, and black hair (with red highlights)?
I would say like a smokey gray eyeshadow with black eyeliner and mascara mix eyeshadows together if you are having trouble too..make your own colr try mixing like a dark green and gray together of green and brown..experiment!!..Good luckWhat color eye shadow/liner/blush go well w/dark green eyes, olive skin, and black hair (with red highlights)?
You can wear whatever color you like, really. If you wear black eyeliner, you're going for a stronger look, brown softer...

now to eyeshadows, I like to stay in the earth colors. I think browns go with anything. But it's really up to you and what you're wearing. Although, it's not a good idea to wear a bright blue shirt *hypothetically speaking* and bright blue eyeshadow.

brown eyeshadows tend to look VERY nice with green eyes and olive skin.

Blush should blend in to your skin so it looks like a natural blush/glow than you actually doing it.

I can't tell you exactly what color, but this is what I was taught.

For tan skin - go with redish pinks or darker shades -- light pinks don't show up and they end up looking fake

Light skin - pinks and softer tones, they tend to show up a little bit more naturally. dark will be very fake.

So when you go to the store put it up next to your cheecks and try to picture it on. Also, the new blush sticks that look like oversized lipsticks are AMAZING and they tend to have a more natural effect than the powder. You can find them at Avon and they last for like 6 months or more.

hope this helped!

Anything in a purple/blue shade.
Hello Nuna, may I ask where are you from? LoL, I have a friend that we call Nuna and she also has dark green eyes and black hair is that you???

Anyways if you want you can check my gallery where I have photos of the make-ups I've done, you might find useful info there and new ideas on make-up you need...


I would use black liquid eyeliner and black pencil eyeliner. You can use gray eyeshadows. If you go stronger eyeshadow tones keep the lipstick at minimum, just use lip gloss, and very little blush. Always remember that blush has to be lighter than your lipstick. Use black mascara, this should make your beautiful eyes stand out...

Best Wishes!
purple shadow is always good with green eyes; i also have green eyes and olive skin, and had black hair not too long ago...purple shadow looks good! and it goes with red. :)
Have u tried a copper/browish eye shadow with brown liner with maybe a light rosy/pinkish blush? I think that would go together , Try it and see.
I would recommend shades of brown and plum. Those colors really bring out green eyes. You don't want the same color eye shadow as your eyes, you want a color that will really make your eyes stand out. Black/Brown liner works great with green eyes and a warm peachy color would work with your skin tone.

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