Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why do I not blush when I'm embarrassed?

I'm not saying that I want to blush, but whenever I'm embarrassed my face doesn't feel like it's blushing or look red.

I ask my friends to tell me if I ever turn red because they pointed out one day that I never do. Not ever when it's hot outside.

My skin is just a little bit off-white but not that dark and I'm half-Asian. Do I possibly have low blood pressure or something?Why do I not blush when I'm embarrassed?
Embarrassment is a form of stress which creates an increase in blood pressure thus reddening your cheeks. maybe you simply have a low reaction to this type of stress.Why do I not blush when I'm embarrassed?
Hayden's right; people have different reactions to stress and embarrassment. I'm half-Asian and not that dark too, and I'm the same, but I think it's more of a personal thing, not a nationality thing. I don't get embarrassed easily. I blushed for the first time ever the other day, and it's the most embarrassing situation I've ever been in; my friend was yelling out the name of the guy I liked and asking loudly when I was going to ask him out. Thank God he didn't hear.

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